Thursday, May 1, 2008

Making Dye

I am going to admit it, I want to be showered with petals as Nathan and I walk down the aisle after we are married. I have been trying to figure out a feasable way to make this happen, and I am thinking about making paper cones. I figured since I have all sorts of the Crate and Barrel packing paper this might be another good place for a reuse project.

I want, however, to not have the paper be the boring whitish color it is, but to fit into the wedding. After not using the beet dye I made soon enough at Christmas I decided to try again with the natural dyes.

I found an online site that told me that using red onion skins would make a nice green dye and red cabbage will be purple. So far I have only tried the red onion and I am sad to report that is was disaturous. First, the water seemed to boil out too quickly, and I had to add more water whick I know diluted the color. Second, and more importantly, the color was not green, but rather a brownish yellow.

I will try again with the cabbage and report back.

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